Welcome to the online home of Hawthorn stud, a small hobby rattery based near Glasgow, Scotland. My name is toyah Leitch and I have been using the prefix Hawthorn for my fancy rats since I began breeding them in 1999.

Currently I keep rats in a few different varieties as I have several different lines. My main lines are downunders, Russian doves, and wheatens, but I do occasionally breed other varieties too. I mainly concentrate on top eared rats but I do sometimes have dumbo kittens pop up in my lines.

I have been on the committee of the NERS since helping form the club in 2001, and am currently also on the committee for the NFRS as well as being a member of the SRC. I am an NFRS championship judge, and I both judge and show my rats as often as I can. Hawthorn is registered as a stud name with the NFRS.

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